April 13th 2000
Long time, no update. As you maybe saw I have taken down the "new" logo. We have gotten about 5 mails or so which said that the new logo is best.. therefor I used my
veto and decided to keep using the old logo. Since all the LS power and style lies in that logo.. A really fucked up no-fancy logo.. It own.. =]
Well... LS have been inactive for some time now since there are so few QuakeWorld clans left. I have tried to sign us up in the Low Ping League, twice, but I haven't got 
an answer from Znappe. Therefor we maybe will start to play Quake3Arena or Half Life Counter Strike.. 

December 30th 1999 
I just checked the loser_squadron@hotmail.com and found a mail from Creon of EQL. We have won the EQL QW league :) We won the second division and because 
noone played in the first division, we won. So here is our symbol of triumph..

December 23th 1999 
Well..tomorrow is the big night..x-mas..I hope I will get some sweet presents... I know that kemikal & co have been kind and made a new kteams version for us. 
It is the kteams2.19beta and you can download it on our files site.

December 10th 1999 
We played a 8 on 8 game vs ZAK tonight. I could have been LOTS of fun with less lagg, but instead is was a medium game...

November 28th 1999 
Another match in the The European Quake League played, this time against The Lone Wolfs. .

October 5th 1999 
Senjor made a irc stat for our bussy channel #ls =]. Check it out.

September 26th 1999 
We played and European Quake League game vs. POG tonight.
Not much to say... they are a good clan, they won respectable.

September 21st 1999 
Bakken has left us and all Quake World playing for the Losers.
He has converted to the MUCH weaker Quake III God. Another lost soul
September 5th 1999 
The European Quake League is starting again. And this time with a schedule.....

August 27th 1999 
The European Quake League is over, and Mekka won. We could have won,
but none of the clans (only QQC and Mekka) answered our mails.
But... IF it still will be QW next season we will rule :D

August 20th 1999
We voted for a new name for KLAN in the crew,
and now the official name is Klinking(KjellmyraLinking)
And I am about to go there now.:)
July 12th 1999
We have been on KLAN again. 

July 1st 1999
Long time, no news.
We have started up LS Starcraft, Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena Test section,
since there are so few that are playing QuakeWorld for the moment.
We haven't played any games yet, but we will (maybe) show up if you challenge us :)
We have won a few matches the last weeks, and MAYBE we even can win the European Quake League.

May 24th 1999
LS have been on a local LAN on Kjellmyra, KLAN.

May 11th 1999
I haven't updated for some time. There has been some small changes.
Azazel has changed nick to SiNnSsYk and RippeR to Gabriel.
April 22nd 1999
We welcome our newest member L4-DamieN, Jan Bind :))
He joined while LS was on a Local Area Network in the neighbor community, Våler.
We were on the Qubbe(Q*B*F*H), Wingman and Calvin LAN, QWC.
April 12th 1999
We have signed up for Norwegian Quake League 
Mars 25th 1999
L1, L2, L3, L5 and L6 have been on The Gathering and we are going back next year!!!
We played some games against, Rectum Intruders, Mostly Harmless and Airwalkers and lost,
but I only put a game against Los Padros on the result page. :)
And the Sjantens league is over because it was too many walkovers.
Mars 25th 1999
We just got ourselves a fan. [ww]Bearman.
We thank him, he is a nice fella from Sweden.(I hope you don't have that against him)
Mars 25th 1999  
We have signed up for European Clan League.
Mars 19th 1999
We got a sad message from NLO today.
They deleted all the demos because there wasn't "unlimited" space as I thought. :/
Mars 14th 1999
We have joined Sjanten from Pure Evil's while-we-wait-for-NECL league 
February 18th 1999
L3-ExTerminator has joined LS again. Hopefully he will stay.
February 17th 1999
Added L19-GZ´s andL5-Baetten´s skin to the personal skin file
Kicked L11-Swadex because he never showed up.

February 9th 1999
I fired L0-Ashley from LS due to lack of devotion to the clan.
Only locals and Bakkens in LS now :)

February 5th 1999
We won our first real clan match without alliance vs. ZaK.
And we also played really good vs. US on dm3. All credits to LS´ HPWs

January 29th 1999
We say good bye to former Loser 8 - JAW. Because he really never was online

January 24th 1999
We welcome our newest members HPW L19-gz and LPB L14-Bakken. 

January 16th 1999
We won a NECL match against Resident Evil on Walk Over.:(

January 11th 1999
A new Loser called L0-Ashley....not only local LS anymore...info soon to come.
We lost a NECL match against Rectum Intruders on
Walk Over because we thought it was on Sunday... not Saturday :(

January 1st 1999
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 24th 1998
Added the loser wannabe skin(made by L6-HoRroRiSt),
just in case we play with alliance sometime. :)

December 22nd 1998
L9-unabomber has withdrawn due to his inactiveness.
He may join again in the future. Now...... only local players in LS.. :)

December 20th 1998
NECL  match against Platoon... Another defeat for Loser Squadron...
well...it is some sort of regular experience :)

December 19th 1998
Juleballe´ var gær dårli´ me´ så få fælk. :)

December 15th 1998
I have added the file section. Here you can download our skins.

December 14th 1998
I have added the schedule page. But beware that it will be updated rapidly. 
We have found a training clan. Krigshjelters. Our first training at Sunday 18:30 CET

December 13th 1998
We welcome our newest Loser L5-Baetten. He played against Norsk LAN Organisasjon.
We got them on e2m1, but we played 3 on 4 most of the time, so we lost :(

December 11th 1998
We played against a German clan on the home and away concept.
We got some help from NB-Legi and won all in all.
It showed that dm3 is one of LS´ favorite map among e2m1. 

December 9th 1998
Loser Squadron wish L7-Azazel all well on his 17th birthday. :)
ReSpawn has left us in favor for Ztockholm aZZ KickerZ :(
We welcome our newest Loser: L9-unabomber

November 23rd 1998
NECL  match against Clan Best. We got our first, and probably our only point.
We Welcome another kick ass member, L17-ReSpawn's neighbor: L4-Spearman
Updated the homepage

November 16th 1998
NECL match against Brotherhood. Are we living up to our name or what??
We welcome our newest loser, and the first not-local member: L17-ReSpawn
L1-TheChosenOne crushed New Breed's star player: Janus. 9 - 3 on e1m2
L1-TheChosenOne was crushed by MastaH^KillaH^ on four different maps.
Updated the homepage.

November 15th 1998
Fired some people...
Some people left...
updated the member page

November 9th 1998
We got a resign page. (just in case) And updated some stuff.
We started on the members page. Check it out!!

November 8th 1998
Our second clan match in the NECL against: Ztockholm aZZ KickerZ
NECL ftp site up @ ftp://slipgate.uio.no login: anonymous port: 21

November 3rd 1998
Finally we got a logo, made by L7-Azazel =)

November 1st 1998
Da Homepage! =)
Our first clan match in the NECL against : The Vicious Vikings 2